Deck Staining: Tips to Ensure the Stain Lasts

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When it comes to deck staining, you want to ensure it lasts. Follow these pro tips to ensure it looks as good years later as the day you had it brushed on your deck.

  • Ensure the Weather is Favorable. The first key to durable deck staining is to pick the right weather. When staining your deck, it’s crucial to consider the weather conditions. When using a penetrating oil-based stain, the optimal wood moisture content is less than 15% in order to get the best stain penetration. Avoid staining if there is direct sunlight and surface temperatures above 100F.
  • Proper Prep Work is Essential. At Capital Staining, we prioritize thorough preparation for deck staining to ensure exceptional results. Our process begins with a meticulous, two-step chemical wash. Firstly, we apply a specialized solution to eradicate dirt and organic growth, including mold and mildew, from the surface of the wood. This step ensures a clean foundation for the stain application. Secondly, we use a tailored formula to open the pores of the wood, facilitating maximum stain absorption. Additionally, this step works to brighten the wood, restoring it to a like-new finish and enhancing its overall appearance. With our comprehensive prep work, we guarantee a professional and long-lasting finish for your deck.
  • Stain application. When using an oil-based stain like we recommend, ensure you mix well before use and stir contents often during use. Stir thoroughly, as pigment concentrations may settle. If using multiple pails of stain, mix them for consistent color uniformity. Apply using a brush, roller, stain mitt, stain applicator pad, or sprayer. Apply one coat by fully saturating the wood surface with a generous amount of stain. DO NOT ALLOW THE STAIN TO POOL OR PUDDLE ON FLAT SURFACES. Remove or spread out any stain left on the wood surface after 30-60 minutes. EXPERT Stain & Seal self-levels on vertical surfaces, while back brushing may be required on horizontal surfaces. Using a dry cloth, remove puddled or excess stain after application from flat, horizontal surfaces. If not removed, it may leave a shiny film on the surface, delay drying time, and cause premature failure.

With a Professional, Deck Staining Results Are Even Better!

With a few careful techniques, you can have a freshly stained deck that maintains its just-stained look for years. But for even longer-lasting professional results, consider hiring our experts at Capital Staining LLC. We have been providing high-quality deck staining for over five years and can handle the process from start to finish. Additionally, we use only the most durable and vibrant stains to keep your deck looking its best season after season.

If you’d like to schedule our top-notch deck staining services, call us today!