The Science Behind Deck Staining

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The Science Behind Deck StainingHere at Capital Staining LLC, we know that deck staining is about more than just picking a color and putting it on; it’s a science that involves choosing the right formula, understanding ingredients, and knowing how to apply high-quality products once you’ve chosen them. In this blog post, we’ll explore why going with a penetrating oil based stain for your fence or deck is an excellent option and how this process ensures you’ll have a beautiful, long lasting deck.

Our penetrating oil based Wood Stain & Sealers are perfect for Western Red Cedar, Treated Pine, Redwood and other wood species. Semi-Transparent stains are designed to highlight the natural beauty of the wood you apply it to while covering slight imperfections. Created with a high amount of trans oxide pigments, our Semi-Transparent stains will withstand the sun’s harmful UV rays, shed water, and withstand abuse while maintaining their color for years.

Our formulas are created with non drying oils and conditioners that penetrate deep to nurture wood from the inside out. Our proprietary stain and seal formula creates a barrier that will protect your wood for years to come, preventing warpage, cracking and twisting. All while maintaining ultra low VOC levels, that means it is healthier for the environment and your family. (A high VOC stain can gas off carcinogens into your backyard for months, VOC’s are deadly when inhaled). That’s why EXPERT is the stain of the future.

Not all deck stains are made equal, and the quality can vary dramatically from brand to brand. Our team always recommends the Stain & Seal Experts brand for deck staining. These products are made in America, and this brand offers top-shelf stains with a long track record of excellent performance.

Another important thing to consider is hiring deck staining professionals. While it’s possible to do it on your own, a professional team like ours has the experience and equipment to ensure that you get beautiful results with no drips, patchy areas, or other flaws. Reach out today to inquire about our availability for deck staining!