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Our fence repair services are handled by trained technicians who will ensure that the repaired section blends in seamlessly.

A fence serves a critical purpose on a property, often keeping unwanted intruders out. Additionally, the fence you have surrounding your residential space could be keeping young children or pets in, creating a physical barrier that they can’t break. However, when the wood used to construct a fence wears out over time, it can no longer serve its purpose. Significant damage may result in posts falling over or holes forming, which puts your entire Charlottesville, Virginia property at risk.

Fence Repair in Charlottesville, Virginia

If you have looked into the cost of new fencing lately, you know that replacement may not be your best option. After all, you probably invested quite a bit of money in your wooden fence in the first place, so simply tearing it down and putting in new materials isn’t ideal. At Capital Staining LLC, we’d love to take a closer look to determine whether it’s a candidate for fence repair. This service is one of our areas of expertise, and we can perform it on wood fences.

Various climate conditions impact the condition and appearance of your fence on a regular basis. High winds can put extra pressure on posts and planks, while heavy rainfall and significant humidity can lead to increased wood rot. Our team of skilled professionals will assess the condition of the structure, looking for areas that would benefit from fence repair. We can then make recommendations, whether replacing damaged posts or patching up holes. Our fence repair services are handled by our trained and knowledgeable technicians who will ensure that the repaired section blends in seamlessly.

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