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We work with property owners located throughout the area to provide a range of services on farm fences.

Caring for the animals on your farm involves a long list of tasks. You probably ensure they are well-fed and have access to water along with the necessary shelter to stay comfortable. Farm animals may also have open spaces to roam, but those areas need to be secured to keep your animals safe from unwanted visitors and from wandering off. Farm fences are ideal for securing a perimeter and keeping the animals in. However, since the materials used to construct your fence are constantly exposed to harsh contaminants and climate conditions, they may look a little less appealing than they once did.

Farm Fences in Charlottesville, Virginia

At Capital Staining LLC, we work with property owners located throughout the Charlottesville, Virginia area to provide a range of services on farm fences. Our technicians can repair damaged components, replace broken or rotted posts, and fix holes in the material. We always prioritize the functionality of the fence when performing any type of repair. Additionally, we can improve its appearance with our staining services. Adding a fresh layer of stain to a wooden farm fence can also provide an additional measure of protection against the risks of rotting associated with moisture exposure and pest damage.

We provide these services on wood farm fences, and we’re happy to take a closer look at your existing fence to determine whether it needs to be repaired or refreshed. You can trust that we will be upfront with our findings and recommendations. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss farm fences and the services we offer.

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